Alex Leeming



Hi there! So I am a degree student at the dBs Music HE centre in Bristol, studying Music Production & Sound Engineering. Being a student at dBs,means that I have the great privilege to make use of the amazing facilities and equipment that the centre has to offer.
Apart from the centre's facilities, I also have a home setup available and perfectly suitable for tracking simple recordings (f.ex guitar, vocals).
Please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to collaborating!


United Kingdom



The dBs HE Centre in Bristol has to offer high-quality professional & industry standard equipment.
A big range of studios,speakers,microphones,software/hardware and desks including the unique API1608.A large live room is also available, big enough to house a whole band.
For more info about dBs facilities google dBs Music Bristol HE.
My home room setup includes: Presonus Eris E8's,Yamaha HS5's,Focusrite Scarlett2i2,Neumann TLM102,Maschine MK2, Komplete Kontrol,Komplete 10,Logic Pro9&10,AbletonLive & Pro Tools 12.
***Any recordings done at dBs will be free of charge and only done for personal experience.***