Riff Factory

Stoke on Trent


RIFF FACTORY is the new music industrial complex, spread out across the Midlands.


Hilltop Business Centre
Coal Pit Hill

Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom



Out towards the old mines of Talke Pitts that fuelled the riffs of Stoke resides a sound proofed recording studio, surrounded by countryside. Building on years of experience, Tom Carter is mixing and mastering the fattest sounds, getting the most out of the riffs you cook up in rehearsal.

In the grimy heart of Stoke, opposite a thermal chemical plant, is where the riffs are created. Here, two cutting edge rehearsal rooms are run by Ant Hulme who'll do you a mean sounding recording if he likes your riffs.

Ant and Tom work closely together to promote each other and their riffing customers, and they collaborate on their recording projects. If you're into music and want to know what we can do for you, email us.