Meet & Jam Nights — FAQ

1. About the Jam Nights

How do the nights work?

The nights run from 7.30pm – 10.30pm. Musicians and original acts can apply to play now! We will release a pre- determined set list a fortnight before the event for musicians who have applied to jam to pick their preferred songs.

We then send out a definitive set list with names and instruments per song a few days before the event. For those who apply to play originals, we select the best 2/3 applicants and let all applicants know 10 days in advance whether they have been successful or unsuccessful. The original acts will play in the middle of the evening. To give you more of an idea, you may want to check out this clip about our jam nights.

What genre of music features on the night?

We aim to strike the balance between songs that the most people will know, and songs that people can be more inventive with (i.e. jam to). This usually means pop / soul / funk songs. Previous examples include – Hoochie Coochie Man, Ain’t no Sunshine, Mercy, Crazy, Sweet Home Alabama, Cosmic Girl, etc.

Who directs proceedings on the night?

On stage this will be done by the house band (consisting of a group of core musicians) who will keep the music flowing and ensure things run smoothly on the night. Off stage there will also be members of Meet & Jam who will be on the door and available to help if needed.

Will the Meet & Jam House Band play the whole evening, or does that depend on how many musicians sign up?

The band is on hand as support - if there are enough musicians of a good standard, the band will be mostly replaced by jamming musicians.

Are there age restrictions for musicians applying to play (i.e 18+)?

This is down to the venue, but as far as Meet & Jam is concerned, if the individuals are able to enter the venue they can apply.

Are there prizes on the night?

The four musicians we deem to have showed the most musicianship (i.e. being the most dominant person on stage or playing the quickest guitar solo does not necessarily get you a prize!) will each receive a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on the night. This is separate to our Road to the 100 Club.

2. About arrangements on the night

Are tickets only available on the door / can I purchase in advance?

Tickets are only available on the door. Some nights sell out so we advise arriving at least 30 minutes before the music is scheduled to start.

Is there a sound check?

For originals acts, there is a soundcheck approximately 1 hour 30 mins before the music starts. Detailed arrangements will be made clear to performers before the event. For jamming musicians there is no soundcheck.

What do I need to bring on the night?

We provide mics, a drumkit (including breakables) and guitar / bass amplifiers. We also provide lyrics for the songs.

Musicians (jamming and originals acts) will need to bring their own instruments.

What if I am too ill to attend on the day?

If this is looking likely or definite on the day, please let us know with as much warning as you can, as it is possible that we will have turned away other musicians for your slot/s and will want to offer them the last minute chance to play / sing.

3. About the Entry Fee

Who does the £5 entry fee apply to?

The £5 entry fee is applicable to all audience members and jamming musicians. Original acts get free entry. Entrants will receive a wrist stamp so they can come and go freely.

Why do musicians have to pay?

We put on the jam nights for the benefit of all the musicians involved, not only the audience (which usually consists of more musicians). They provide an opportunity to network, gain exposure, and of course have lots of fun. We charge a small entry fee, to cover the costs of running the events (venue hire, marketing, sound engineer, paying the house band, etc.) and to enable us to keep the nights going. Feedback so far has been that the price is well worth it. We hope you'll agree!

4. About the Application Process

How does the application process work?

Musicians can sign up to play via the Jam Nights page. Applicants detail here whether they are applying to play on jams, or for an originals slot.

Do all applicants need a Meet & Jam profile?

Yes – this is the only way we can vet musicians and check they are who they say they are, and that they are of a good enough standard to perform on jams / be chosen as an originals act.

When creating their profile, are bands allowed to sign up? Or, is it exclusively individual musicians who are allowed to sign up and apply for the night?

Meet & Jam was designed as a platform for individual musicians to connect and make music. As such, we encourage individual musicians to apply. For those musicians in set bands, it is best that an individual from the band signs up as themselves (not their band name) but then uploads media of the band they play in, and details in their biography any info about their band.

Can people apply to do originals AND jam?

On the form you can only choose one or the other. However, unsuccessful applicants for originals will be offered the chance to play for jams 10 days before the event.

Is there a specific deadline for those who want to apply to play?

For originals acts: we let the successful applicants know 10 days before the event, so it is important that you apply well before 10 days to the event if you want to be considered.

For jamming applicants: no particular deadline, although it makes life easier for us if people sign up via the website up to a week before the event, then we can gather replies and send out a set list giving people notice.

When do people find out if they have been selected to play originals?

10 days before the event, when we send out an email.

When do we send out the set list and how do people sign up for specific songs?

In the week before the event, we send out a second form to all those who applied to jam, where musicians select the songs they want to play on. For those unsuccessful applicants to play originals, they will be offered the chance to sign up to play for jams at this point. We then collate the answers a few days before the event and send out the final set list.

How many songs can people sign up to?

We encourage people to sign up to as many songs as they feel able to play along to. This way, we can re-allocate them to a different song if we have to re-shuffle people to allow for more musicians to play. We aim to avoid musicians playing for more than 3 songs on the night however.

Do we accept all applicants to jam?

We aim to let all applicants play, but getting a slot on a specific song may not be possible depending on the demand for that slot. Where there are many too many applicants for one instrument / vocals slot on a particular song, we do our best to reallocate so that people get another of their choices. You're more likely to get to play if you give multiple song choices.

Can people apply to play different instruments on different songs?

Yes. There is a space on the application form to detail instrument/s played, and when you sign up to play on individual songs, you can detail which instrument to be played on which song.

Which instruments are welcome?

Any instrument (within reason!).

Do the originals slots include bands as well as solo artists?

Yes - Original acts applying to play can be solo artists or bands, and we choose 2 or 3 acts to play in the middle of the evening. The aim is to have high quality acts performing on the night.

What if somebody wants to join / play last minute?

We can sometimes accommodate last minute additions, depending on whether there are any spare slots.

5. About the Road to the 100 Club & the selection process

What is the Road to the 100 Club?

At every Meet & Jam Night this year we will be scouting the best individual musicians and three best original acts across the UK for one huge night of live music at The 100 Club, London on Thursday 21st January. This is an invite-only event – individual musicians from the whole campaign will be invited to jam at The 100 Club on 21st January 2016, and we aim to invite up to 40 of the UK’s finest to play! The best originals acts from all our Jam Nights will also receive an invitation to play at the event.

Who will judge the musicians at the Jam nights?

This will be mostly done by Meet & Jam staff, although Spinnup / Island Records will attend the majority of the regional nights. We will make the final decisions as to which musicians should be considered to be put forward for the 100 Club event once we have seen everyone play and will announce to the successful musicians just before Christmas. We will have lots of video and voting in the meantime on site and on social media.

What happens if I am selected for the 100 Club Night in January?

You will perform either as a jamming musician or as an originals applicant as per all our other Jam Nights. The difference is that Island Records, PRS, Spinnup and Jack Daniel’s all be in attendance to select the finest musicians from around the UK. At stake on the night is a £5,000 development fund with Island Records. Runners up on the night will receive membership of PRS, and the best jamming musicians will receive new instruments.