About Us

Meet & Jam is building the ultimate musical community and marketplace for every musician, engineer and producer.

The story goes that Mick Jagger met Keith Richards on a platform at Dartford train station in 1961. They got chatting and the rest was history - an amazing, era-defining stroke of luck. Think of Meet & Jam as your very own Dartford Station.


Meet & Jam is where musicians connect, collaborate, plan, meet, jam, rehearse and record.

  • Find musicians for bands, jams, gigs and sessions.
  • Build your own profile and showcase your talents.
  • Book rehearsals, recordings and post-production from a huge range of options.
  • Play at our Meet & Jam Nights all over the UK, with some of the finest jamming musicians and original acts around

Studios, Engineers & Producers

Meet & Jam is a platform for all rehearsal and recording studios, home studios, producers and live engineers.

  • Everyone is welcome! From the 50-room studio complex, to the one-man mastering service.
  • Build your own profile, set your prices and sell your services to thousands of musicians.
  • Gain exposure and make some money. It's easy!

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And if you’ve got anything to tell us or ask us, just get in touch right here. We’d love to hear from you.