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Meet & Jam in the Real World...

Meet & Jam is a great way to connect with other musicians online, but of course nothing beats playing music live. We keep things rooted in the real world with our regular Meet & Jam Nights. They're buzzing, friendly events where incredible local musicians come together to jam on some classic tunes.

Whether you seek musical exposure, the chance to meet other great musicians or you simply want to be involved with a great music scene, these are the nights for you.

How does it work?

You can apply to play either as an originals act, or as an individual musician to jam along with other great musicians to a selection of well-known songs. We will select 2 or 3 originals acts to play in the originals slots in the middle of the evening, and we aim to get as many jamming applicants on stage as possible, with up to 16 jams throughout the night.

To apply to play at an upcoming night, click "Apply Now" for the relevant night and complete the short form. Whether you are applying to jam, or as an original act, you will need to have completed your free Meet & Jam profile to be considered.

For more details on our nights and the application process, please see our FAQ page.

Past Nights

Thu 21 Jan London The 100 Club
Thu 14 Jan London The Borderline
Mon 7 Dec London The Half Moon, Putney
Thu 3 Dec Bristol Blue Lagoon
Thu 26 Nov Manchester Soup Kitchen
Fri 20 Nov London Underbelly, Hoxton
Mon 2 Nov London The Half Moon, Putney
Fri 23 Oct London Underbelly, Hoxton
Thu 22 Oct Oxford The Cellar
Thu 15 Oct Bath The Nest
Mon 5 Oct London The Half Moon, Putney
Fri 18 Sep Leeds The HiFi Club
Mon 7 Sep London The Half Moon, Putney
Mon 3 Aug London The Half Moon, Putney
Mon 6 Jul London The Half Moon, Putney
Fri 26 Jun London Underbelly, Hoxton

Entry Prices

Original Acts Free entry
Everyone Else £5.00 — buy online or pay on the door

The Road to The 100 Club

After 6 months scouring the UK for the finest jamming musicians and original acts of 2015, the big night at The 100 Club arrived. The 30 best jamming musicians and 3 original acts from around the UK played live to a sold out crowd.

Annie Christensen (Senior A&R Manager at Island Records) and Guy Fletcher OBE (Chairman of PRS) were on hand to declare Harry Pane the winning original act and the proud winner of a £5k development fund with Island Records as well as the PRS for Music award.

Meet & Jam Managing Director, Nick Ford-Young announced the winning jamming musicians on the night:

Huge thanks to the sponsors Island Records, Spinnup and PRS for Music, Yubl, PMT, Jack Daniel’s, Ont' Sofa, and for helping make it a truly amazing night of music.

Meet & Jam 'Road to The 100 Club' Grand Final

Here is a short montage of our 'Road to The 100 Club' Grand Final where over 30 musicians and 3 original acts played to a sold out 100 Club. Huge thanks again to Island Records UK, Spinnup, PMT House of Rock, PRS for Music, Jack Daniel's UK, Read Audio and MusicTech for helping us put on an amazing campaign for musicians all over the UK. Photos coming soon.

Posted by Meet and Jam on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

You can find more photos from the final on Facebook.

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