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  • CG

    Manchester, UK
    Piano, Keyboard, Bass, Producer, Composer, Synths, Guitar, Backing Vox
  • Jamie Borrowdale

    Manchester, UK
    Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals, Engineer, Guitar
  • Andy Shand

    Manchester, UK
    Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Producer, Composer, Singer/Songwriter
  • Aaron Stephenson

    Greater Manchester, UK
    Guitar, Bass
  • Michael-Jon Mizra

    Salford, UK
    Guitar, Bass, Producer, Singer/Songwriter
  • SHED studios

    Manchester, UK
    Producer, Engineer, Composer, Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter, Vocals, Piano, Synths, Percussion, Keyboard, Guitar, Backing Vox, Bass, Drums
  • Josef Kerekes

    Bury, UK
  • Jesse Wilson

    Manchester, UK
    Bass, Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals, Piano, Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist
  • The Orchid Hunters

    Manchester, UK
    Bass, Backing Vox, Guitar, Guitar, Vocals
  • Northern Light..

    Manchester, UK
    Guitar, Keyboard, Synths, Piano, Harmonica, Backing Vox, Bass
  • Dan Mitchell

    Manchester, UK
    Trombone, Tuba, Bass, Guitar, Music Teacher, Composer
  • Jude Coupe

    Stockport, UK
    Bass, Composer