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  • RiTA

    Ealing, London, UK
    Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Producer
  • Enya Sophya

    London, UK
    Vocals, Piano, Violin, Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Ukulele, Keyboard
  • Angie A

    London, UK
    Vocals, Singer/Songwriter, Backing Vox, Lyricist, Music Teacher
  • Sybilla

    Thornton Heath, UK
    Vocals, Backing Vox
  • Conor Strachan

    London, UK
    Guitar, Vocals, Composer, Synths, Producer
  • TIEM

    London, UK
    Vocals, MC, Singer/Songwriter
  • Julian Graham

    London, UK
    Guitar, Vocals, Lyricist
  • David Kline

    London Borough of Ealing, UK
    Vocals, Guitar, Singer/Songwriter
  • Herty Hill

    Fulham, UK
    Bass, Keyboard, Backing Vox, Percussion, Drums, Composer, Guitar, Cajón, Producer, Vocals
  • Nick Ford-Young

    London SW4, UK
    Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Music Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Lyricist
  • Jupiter Way

    London N7 8XW, UK
    Guitar, Vocals, Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Keyboard, Harmonica, Dobro
  • Jesse Mclaren

    London, UK
    Guitar, Vocals, Singer/Songwriter