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  • TIEM

    London, UK
    Vocals, MC, Singer/Songwriter
  • P.C.T

    London, UK
    MC, Producer, Composer, Lyricist
  • Mohamad Mansour

    London Borough of Ealing, UK
    Producer, MC, Singer/Songwriter
  • Thompson O-whyte

    London, UK
  • J A H I

    London, UK
    Guitar, Singer/Songwriter, MC
  • Sean Alto

    London, UK
    Vocals, DJ, MC, Singer/Songwriter, Keyboard
  • Nirobi

    Croydon, UK
    Cajón, DJ, MC, Singer/Songwriter, Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Lyricist
  • Sonic

    East, London, UK
    Bass, DJ, Synths, Guitar, Keyboard, Singer/Songwriter, MC, Producer, Drums
  • Frhetoric

    London, UK
    Backing Vox, MC, Engineer, Producer, Singer/Songwriter
  • Khary Rose

    London Borough of Hackney, UK
    Producer, MC, Composer, Singer/Songwriter
  • Strike

    London, UK
    MC, Keyboard, Guitar, Singer/Songwriter, Producer
  • Lisa Ukanwoke

    London, UK
    MC, Vocals, DJ, Singer/Songwriter