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  • Pierre Kakiz

    Camden Town, London, UK
    Vocals, Singer/Songwriter, Lyricist
  • Angie A

    London, UK
    Vocals, Singer/Songwriter, Backing Vox, Lyricist, Music Teacher
  • Nick Ford-Young

    London SW4, UK
    Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Music Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Lyricist
  • Santi

    London, UK
    Singer/Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals, Composer, Lyricist
  • Julian Graham

    London, UK
    Guitar, Vocals, Singer/Songwriter, Lyricist
  • Kerris Duffy

    South Tottenham, London Borough of Haringey, UK
    Vocals, Lyricist, Backing Vox
  • Ludvig Alm

    London, UK
    Accordion, Drums, Guitar, Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Bass, Piano
  • The H.

    London, UK
    Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Piano, Bass, Drums
  • Andrea Dee

    London, UK
    Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist, Producer
  • Chris Ayton

    London, UK
    Singer/Songwriter, Lyricist
  • Lushon Feare

    London, UK
    Vocals, Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter, Keyboard, Composer
  • Toby Grant

    London, UK
    Guitar, Keyboard, Singer/Songwriter, Lyricist