Sundhar Karu

London E12, UK
  • Available to Jam
  • Percussion
  • Drums
  • alternative
  • blues
  • breakbeat
  • disco
  • funk
  • hip hop
  • jazz
  • pop
  • prog rock
  • reggae
  • rock
  • ska
  • soul


Hi I'm a drummer from the East End. I play funk, rock and hip-hop, I have been playing for about 3 years and am looking to join a creative group that wants to make original music. I can do covers as well, I try not to stay in my comfort zone and like to play all sorts of music, on the top of my list of things to touch up on would be jazz, latin and reggae.


clyde stubblefield, benard purdie, steve gadd, madlib, mf doom, dave weckl, aaron sterling, thomas lang, johnny rabb, ?uestlove, the roots, roy hargrove, brubeck, J dilla, Lootpack, Quasimoto, QOTSA, RHCP, RX bandits, S2S, C2C, Talib, Mos D, Tribe, Wu Tang, Thomas Pridgen, Scientist, Mars Volta, John Fruciante, Hendricks, Otis Redding, Gil Scott, Florence+M, Jill Scott, Fugees, Gangstarr, Flying Lotus, Common, Marley, Big L, KMD, Zeppelin, Bonham, Steve Jordan, Tony Royster, Dudley Perkins, Shoalin Afronaughts, Mike Johnston, Drumeo, Coltrane, Royksopp, Radiohead, SOAD, oOoOO, Nujabes, Pete Rock, InI, No ID, Aesop Rock, ThePixies, REM, Nas, Muse, Jhest, Jamiroquai, Nico Jaar, Stone Roses, Tool, xxyyxx, King tubby, Benga, Fleetwood Mac