Alec Albury

London E11, UK
  • Available to Jam
  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Guitar


I'm a drummer in London currently looking for a band to play with. Ive been playing for 9 years and am a very capable drummer. I used to gig around cambridge but have moved to London to work full time at a post production house and am looking to get back into gigging.

I can also bring the ability to film or make some videos as myself and the people I work with are trained in the production of films.

I like all types of music but am really not into chart music/pop, I find it too reptitive with a distinct lack of challenge for a drummer. That said if a pop song presents an interesting melody I am not so narrow minded to ignore it.

Some of the music I have been playing to recently includes:
The Smashing Pumpkins
Jeff Buckley
Elliott Smith
Fleetwood Mac
Queens of the stone age
Local Natives
Tame Impala
John Frusciante/Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rage Against The Machine
Soil and Pimp Sessions
Them Crooked Vultures
The Beatles

These are only a small portion of the bands I like to play to.

I also like to sing and play guitar a lot of the time, Im not brilliant at guitar though, I tend to play acoustic songs that are chord based or with simple picking like blackbird or becoming a jackal by villagers, as I can sing along to these.

I can send a sample of my drumming but unfortunately I don't have any recording equipment other than using garage band on my macbook and leaving it outside my room to record so it sounds a bit iffy but will give you a general idea. An audition would be great though.

Let me know if youre interested and it may help you to know I'm 22, easy going, love music and love to play drums, guitar and sing from the heart, always feeling the music.

Alec Albury