Hannah Westall

21 London W3, UK
  • Available to Jam
  • Bass
  • Backing Vox
  • alternative
  • blues
  • country
  • electro
  • grunge
  • latin
  • rock


I'm a young bassist with only the whole world to step into right now. Though I don't do grades, I've been ranked at Grade 8 for playing by my teacher after only four years of having picked up the bass (I started when I was fourteen-ish)

I'm pretty open minded in terms of genres; classical, rock, alternative, electroswing, blues, you name it.

I guess I should say I've played the bass at my local Church every Sunday since I started playing, so that's given me a whole lot in the way of improv and the like. But yeah, I'd just love the chance to be able to play more often!


Caravan Palace are a hugely great band for me, with their bassist doing mainly improv in their studio recordings. Their energy is so great.
Muse... I picked up the bass to play Muse, not going to lie. So the first song I learned on bass was, indeed, Hysteria.
Queen. Just Queen. Love Queen.
It's worth saying I listen to a whole ton of soundtracks for video games, TV shows, movies, and their dramatic flare is so great, I can't even describe it.
God Is An Astronaut
Imagine Dragons (not so much for their bass, but overall vibe.)
Masafumi Takada. Heck yes.