Francesco D'Andrea

London NW1, UK
  • Available to Jam
  • alternative
  • folk
  • grunge
  • rock


29 Years old Guitarist and Composer with 15 years of experience. I'm currently working professionally as soundtrack composer for TV, Cinema and Advertising (my music has been featured by such shows as House, Glee, How I met Your Mother, Southpark, and more.

I'm now looking forward to start a new Rock Band project aimed to play professionally, make it in the music industry and reach a large audience, and seek music label's interests.

Therefore I'm looking for professional musicians:
- Male Singer
- Drummer
- 2nd Guitar
- Bass

The plan is to:
-Rehearse a lot (3 times x week minimum)
- Record ASAP a EP/debut album
- Promote online
- Set up a lot of gigs
- Tour in UK (and outside UK, in future)
- Grow our fanbase and gain interest of labels

I need motivated people, that know how to solve their time and work contraints, to give a lot of their time to this project.

GENRE: Rock / Hard Rock / 90s / Grunge / Folk
Personal Influences:
Pearl Jam, 90s Seattle Music, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Alice in Chains, Jeff Buckley, Dire Straits and...a lot more.

NOTE: Besides my main music influences, I'm open to blend my tastes in music with yours, and reach our own sound as a band. Not looking to clone anyone's sound. Just be ourselves. As long as we are openminded to experiment all the different shades of rock, from ballads to hard rock, stoner or folk, pop/rock....whatever makes us happy, and whatever is produced, played and composed with taste, honesty, originality and care.


pearl jam, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, queen, alice in chains, soundgarden, nirvana, dire straits, jeff buckley, ray charles, john williams, audioslave, rolling stones, beatles, the who, and a lot more, expecially 70s and 90s rock music.