David Bergman

Morristown, NJ, US
  • Available to Jam
  • Music Teacher
  • Guitar
  • blues
  • jazz
  • metal
  • prog rock
  • rock


I started playing violin and guitar at an early age, eventually favoring the guitar. By age 13 I began performing with small groups and community bands in Chicago. My interest in music flourished in high school thanks to a fine arts program, which included a symphony orchestra. At this time I began to study classical upright bass and give guitar lessons. I worked as a bassist and guitarist in several small groups, playing rock, jazz and show tune or easy listening music for private events. Throughout college I continued to study music through private lessons, and to be involved in our university jazz ensemble, doing small group gigs and some studio work on the side while completing my thesis. After graduate school I moved around, making steady work in music difficult, but managed to pick up students in Detroit and New Jersey. For several years my primary interest has been in playing traditional improvisational Jazz.

Target (1987-1989)
Style: Hard Rock (all original songs)
Members: Jim Harvey (Vocals), David Bergman (Guitar), Robert Fesus (Guitar, Keyboard), Jimmy Berg (Drums), Feris Suqi (Bass)

University of Illinois (Chicago) Jazz Ensemble (1996-1998)
A very large line up. Directed by Professor Richard Wang.

Heavy Water (2008-2009)
Styles: Jam band, classic rock - jazz fusion
Members: David Bergman (Guitar), Marc Leonetti (Keyboard)

Step 3 (2011 - present) Styles: Jazz, Bebop, Fusion
Members: David Bergman (Guitar), Robert Black (Bass), Tim Brady (Drums)


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