Ben Ansaldo

Unknown Location
  • Available to Jam
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Backing Vox
  • Vocals
  • Percussion
  • Keyboard
  • Piano
  • Bass
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • alternative
  • classical
  • drum & bass
  • electro
  • funk
  • hip hop
  • house
  • jazz
  • metal
  • pop
  • rock


Essentially I am a songwriter rather than a performer, I am currently writing for an extremely talented vocalist called Dan Tompkins (ex-tesseract vocalist, currently with Sky Harbour, In Colour and White Moth Black Butterfly). However my primary income as a performer lies with drumming.

I am constantly seeking vocalists for the music I write, hence why I am on here. All of my music is on my soundcloud page, and my youtube channel consists of my original music which I wrote for moving images as a reference/portfolio of my ability to song write. (The video clip which has been added to this profile is one of a piece of music which i wrote which actually did get used by the film director)


John Williams, Bach, Led Zeppelin, Above and Beyond, Notorious BIG, Slipknot, Bonobo... the list is almost endless!