Tiki Horea

26 Aldershot, UK
  • Available to Jam
  • Engineer
  • Producer
  • Music Teacher
  • Drums
  • alternative
  • breakbeat
  • drum & bass
  • electro
  • funk
  • pop


I'm Tiki Horea, a 25 year old producer, recordist, mixer and drummer. I started playing in 2006, joining my first band in 2008.
Early on, I noticed I'm eager to play less conventional music, in a less conventional way. That led me to playing in many bands over the years. Metal, rock, pop, funk, world and acoustic are the genres I played mostly.
I recorded a full-length with a pop-rock band, 2 EPs with a world music band, I was a session drummer for a rock project and I also subbed multiple times in different situations.
The last band I played in had multiple TV appearances during 2013 and we also went on a national tour, it being my second national tour ever.
I had multiple concerts in big national festivals and one in a big european festival (Peninsula Felsziget).

As a producer, I'm confident in my ability to bring a project from the demo stage to the final product, coaching the artists throughout the recording process and bringing the songwriter's vision to life.

I use Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 12, Cockos Reaper, which makes me very versatile in terms of digital audio workstations. Additionally, I have access to a plethora of hardware equipment, including SSL, Audient, TLA, DBX and MTA eqs, compressors and preamps.


Matt Halpern (Periphery), Steve Smith, Jojo Mayer, Thomas Lang, Billy Ward, Mike Shinoda, Steven Wilson, Gavin Harrison, Mike Mangini and so on