Adam Dullenty

Gateshead, UK
  • Available to Jam
  • Keyboard
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • alternative
  • electro
  • rock


I've been playing guitar and keyboard/synth informally for about ten years, self taught. Most things I play by ear.

I've always been put off the idea of "jamming" because I imagine turning up for a session and being embarrassingly lacking in knowledge of specific keys, etc. But I'm hoping this will be more of a "let's collaborate on some existing track ideas" kind of thing.

I've linked the most recent YouTube clip but the rest are not a good indication as they are all quite old.

Most of the stuff on Soundcloud is unfinished, or a sequence of ideas not yet arranged into an actual song! Maybe you can help me with that.



Muse, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Air, Mike Oldfield, Brian Eno, OMD, Flaming Lips