Steve Baker

Unknown Location
  • Available to Jam
  • Producer
  • Backing Vox
  • Percussion
  • Bass
  • Guitar


I’m a versatile session guitarist with over 20 years playing experience in a wide range of bands & projects.

My online session guitarist service is the best value, quickest and most flexible way for you to get the guitar parts you need for your track.

My clients are mostly song-writers, singers or producers looking for some guitar for their demo track. Anything from a simple rhythm part to a complex layered arrangement, solo’s, riffs… whatever!

As one recent client said… “I really love how you brought the song to life”

Pricing: From £65 per song but this can of course vary because no two projects are the same.
Bulk discounts are available for multiple songs & instruments and other than a small deposit, you pay nothing until you’ve approved the parts.
Initial adjustments are free of charge (within reason) so it’s in my interest to get it right!
I own a range of electric & acoustic guitars, effects & amps and I can work in pretty much any style from mellow acoustic to funk, soul & blues through to full on noise!

I play pretty good bass too and have lots of experience programming drum tracks, synths, mixing & arrangement so if your music is electronic, hip-hop, krautrock, R&B etc then I can help there too.

If you need drums for your track then let me know as I work with a network of musicians who do online sessions so save yourself the effort of contacting several different people. You might even save money too!


My key strengths are my versatility, strong ‘ear’ and attention to detail, all which make me able to integrate quickly into a variety of musical styles whilst retaining the key elements of individuality.

Rather than playing super fast solo’s or flashy licks, I always make sure I focus on playing what’s right for the song and not ‘over playing’ or showing off. I play regularly in several originals bands where constructing guitar parts to compliment an arrangement is key. However, if you need a solo or some showing off, I’ll be happy to oblige!

My ability has developed through years of playing, writing & recording my own music as well as ‘studying’ the music of others more than books or classes. I believe this has allowed me to develop into a musician focused more on playing what’s right for the song and has given me an intuitive understanding of how to arrange parts around other instruments & vocals.