Lynette Okoroike

  • Available to Jam
  • Vocals
  • Percussion
  • Drums
  • alternative
  • blues
  • hip hop
  • house
  • pop
  • rock
  • soul


Music is the most important aspect of my entire life. I have been playing the drums and percussion for 2 years. I am an intermediate and average drummer/percussionist. I am also a taiko drummer and been playing the taiko for nearly 2 years. Mostly self-taught. When it comes to music in general, I mostly go by ear, not by sight. I learned how to play the drums, percussion, and the taiko by doing 4 things: I listen, I watch other people, I scan/sight read music notation, and mostly, JAM!!!!!!!!!!


My top 3 female drummers are currently Emmanuelle Caplette, Hannah Ford Welton, and Meytal Cohen.