Maidstone, UK
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Jon 'Shaggi' Simpson

I'm available as a short, medium or even long term substitute for any musical situation. Whether it be studio recording, gigs, showcases or whatever you have in mind. I'm a very quick learner, and it's not unusual for me to play a full set without rehearsal, having only demos or set-lists to work from.

As well as temporary or 'sub' work, I'm open to offers of a more permanent nature. I like to play and to keep my calendar full. I'd rather be with one band than a hundred, but it's important for me to be out there and to be busy!

I am experienced at playing with sequencers, click tracks and adapting to a wide range of scenarios. I am very capable of playing any musical style, and am always open to interesting offers!

You can listen to my latest 'EP' with Fox Force 5 on Spotify at: -

And you can listen to my entire back catalogue on SoundCloud at: -

Links to all of my social media are at



My influences are mainly rock & pop orientated, and that shows in my playing. However, to list a few (in no particular order) include Evanescence, Paramore, Lady GaGa, Rush, Def Leppard, Toto, Police, Steely Dan, Sting, Nickelback, Van Halen - too many to mention, but most 'good' music from the 80's to current day!

I have experience playing all types of music, although to be fair, I'm a fairly solid hitter. So whilst I can (and do!) happily sub for a Blues Brothers tribute band, it's fair to say I tend to lay down a somewhat stronger groove than Willie Hall did!


I seem to swap drum kits pretty often, but the hardware, cymbal and snare selection rarely changes much, although I do find snare drums are like tupperware (you can never have too many!).

Drum Workshop Collectors Edition Maple 8/10/12/15/22
Drum Workshop snare drums (various)
Sabian Paragon cymbals
Drum Workshop hardware
Audix Microphones
Evans heads
ProMark sticks

Fischer in-ear monitors.

I'm able to easily mic my own kit, sub-mix it, and provide a stereo pair to the front-of-house PA.