Seb Sweet

Manchester, UK
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  • Vocals
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  • alternative
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Hi there Folks!! I'm gonna start calling everyone 'Folks'! I'm Seb, Drummer, Singer, Various Other (to varying degree's of skill - or lack of). Been sat behind a Kit for the last 17 years (where does the time go??) and have played almost every style in many different groups over the years. I started doing regular gigs when I was 14, covering the pub circuit of Buxton and surrounding areas gave me a bug and I never really stopped doing it after that - even playing in 4 or 5 different bands at the same time for a while. The point I'm trying to make is - I love playing and jamming, exploring new ideas and grooves and of course the way different musicians think and play. As a drummer there is no other joy that can compare to an 'off the cuff' jam with a bunch of strangers. keeps me on the edge of MY seat anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am in a band - Fantasist (look us up) - and I couldn't wish for a greater band experience ( 2 of my best friends and 2 of the most talented players I've ever worked with) but I miss getting out and playing something that isn't Fantasist.
Anywho, stay sharp.
Seb Sweet


im just gonna list some of my favorite bands:

Dream Theater
Avenged SevenFold
Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin

ill add more later, in the meantime
heres a list of drummers i like:
Neil Peart
Mike Portnoy
Mike Mangini
John Bonham
Jason Bonham
'The Rev'
Dennis Chambers
ill add more later