London, UK
  • Vocals
  • hip hop
  • jazz
  • pop
  • rock
  • soul


I am 19 years old and I work in London as an Au-Pair.
Until I was about 16 I never played in a band, apart from some jam sessions every now an again. Though my main subject in school was music from age 14 to 19. There was no part of my life when I didn't do some kind of music. I played flute for more than 10 years (but I never really took to it) and I did my A-Levles in Music.
When I was about 17 a friend brought me into a Jazz&Swing Big Band, with which we were in Italy and France and many places in Germany where I come from. I loved the Big Band from first sight and enjoyed being with such great musicians! I left the Big Band when I came to London in the beginning of september. I miss it and I would love to meet people in my area to jam with!
I love to try out new stuff, so I am open minded for many different genres! I also like to change famous songs into other genres and make a completely new version out of it.


Aretha Franklin
Norah Jones
Erykah Badu
Ella Fitzgerald
Ben L'oncle