The Road to the 100 Club: Original Finalists

Posted 18 January 2016 in Musicians (comments)

We're just three days away from our Road to the 100 Club Grand Final!

We therefore think it's about time everyone got to know the fantastic original acts that will be competing for a £5000 development fund from Island Records. One of them will be walking away with a potentially career-making prize...


Cata really blew us over at the Meet & Jam Night in Hoxton back in October. Her unique vocal style and dramatic on-stage presence were enough to convince us to put her straight through to the Grand Final. Check out her awesome performance at the Meet & Jam Night below...



Emaé played at the Meet & Jam Night at the Half Moon in Putney back in September. Shes impressed us then, and she impressed our judges at last week's semi-final with her beautiful voice and songwriting talent. Here's a clip of her performance at the Half Moon...


Harry Pane

Harry, strangely enough, played at the same night as Emaé - in September at the Half Moon! His folky sound and the tone of his voice really impressed our judges at the semi-final. Check out his performance from the Half Moon below...

One of these three acts will walk away from the 100 Club with a £5000 development fund from Island Records. To see who wins, and to enjoy watching all our jamming finalists perform throughout the night, head to to buy tickets.

Benjamin Taylor


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