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Posted 27 November 2015 in Musicians (comments)

It's a piece of cake finding guitarists, singers, drummers, bassists, keyboardists and more on Meet & Jam. As we've highlighted in our other 'Six of the Best' posts, there's an abundance of quality musicians for the majority of the major instruments people tend to look for when forming a band. But what about the slightly obscurer instruments? What if you're looking for that niche instrument that will make your band stand out?

Here are six fantastic musicians who play some of the less obvious instruments available. Could they be the missing ingredient to your new project?

Julian Gaskell (Accordion)

Here's Julian Gaskell performing live with his brilliantly named 'Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'. Check out his Meet & Jam profile here.

Pietro Fauno Finizio (Double Bass)

Pietro is a talented double bass player from Brighton, who performs as part of the Shed Jazz Trio. Hear more from him at his Meet & Jam profile here.

Terry Payne (Flute)

Terry Payne is a flautist with a tendency for improvised live jams (a man after our own hearts!). Click here to visit his Meet & Jam profile.

Steven Hicken, Jr. (Pedal Steel Guitar)

Steven Hicken Jr. is a teenage musician who we recently profiled as part of our M&J Introducing series. Visit his Meet & Jam profile here to hear more of his work.

Tom Green (Trombone)

Tom Green is a jazz trombonist who performs as part of his own Tom Green Septet. Check out more from Tom at his Meet & Jam profile here.

Thomas Baylem (Cello)

Thomas Baylem is a London-based cellist and part of indie folk band South Estate - check out the video for their single, 'Camila', above. Thomas is open to new projects, so get in touch via his M&J profile here.

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