4 Characteristics to Look For on Meet & Jam

Posted 12 November 2015 in Musician's Toolkit (comments)

Last week we tried to give you a helping hand in finding musicians on Meet & Jam. But what should you be looking for when using one of the four methods we suggested? Here are four key characteristics you should be looking out for when searching for musicians on Meet & Jam. If you can put a tick next to all four, you may be on to a winner with your new band or project...

1. Style/Influences

It all starts with the most obvious characteristic - your playing style and musical influences. It's vital that the people you choose to work with have a similar style to your own. If you're a metal guitarist, playing with a jazz drummer - regardless of how talnted he may be - is probably not the best way to go. Obviously, having a variety of influences within a project can be fantastic if you all have an open mind. But, if there's a certain influence of yours that you want your music to sound like, make sure you find other musicians who share your interest in that influence. Every Meet & Jam profile has an influences section, so there's no need to even contact them!

2. Proximity

You may have tonnes in common with another musician - influences, age, professionalism - but it's unlikely to work if you're based in London and he/she lives in Edinburgh. With all the will in the world, having to travel long distances just for a short rehearsal isn't really sustainable. Luckily, Meet & Jam lets you search for musicians by location, so you can be sure to avoid lengthy travelling from the start!

3. Attitude/Professionalism

This is arguably the most important factor when choosing to work with another musician; are you on the same page when it comes to how seriously you take your music and how committed you are to making it work? Any project is doomed to fail if the drummer never turns up on time or your vocalist sees every rehearsal as a chance to drink beer and annoy the guitarist. Make sure you establish the level of professionalism you're looking for - whether it's in conversation with someone or in the text of a classified ad on our ads page.

4. Position in life

Meet & Jam's community of musicians spans generations; you'll find everything from 16 year old DJs to 60 year old drummers on our site. But, as much as we'd love to say that age doesn't matter, it often does. Say your 19 year old guitarist wants to practice on a Tuesday night - it's no problem for him because he's got no lectures on Wednesdays so he can sleep in! But you're 38 and you've got 2 kids and a 60 hours-a-week job to juggle. You might be a perfect match in terms of influences and proximity, but if you're at such different stages of life it's unlikely to work.

Numbers 1 and 2 should be easy - every Meet & Jam profile features a location and a list of influences so you can browse until you find what you're looking for. When it come to numbers 3 and 4, it's up to you to communicate with the musicians you're looking to work with, and make sure you're compatible when it comes to attitude and age. Once you've ticked off all 4, you should have found a fellow musician that is a perfect match - then the hard work can actually begin...

Benjamin Taylor


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