M&J Producers and DJs - Six of the Best

Posted 16 June 2015 in Musicians (comments)

We've been busy gushing over the many guitarists, drummers, bassists and vocalists on Meet & Jam for the past few days and weeks. But what about the equally talented folk who handle the more technical side of the music-making world?

We've picked out just a handful of the many amazing producers and DJs who are active on Meet & Jam... and we'll be back with more soon. But if you can't wait, why not do some browsing?

Edson M

Edson is a producer and freelance DJ from North London who is currently studying Music Production at SSR London. Check out his profile here.

Robbie Blundell

A DJ from Wiltshire who performs under the pseudonym DJ Komag. Have a listen to Robbie's mix below and visit his page here.

Daniel Harder

Daniel is a London-based DJ who appreciates deep house and funk music. He's available to jam so get in touch with him here.

Alastair Pursloe

A producer and DJ from Bath who, amongst other things, runs his own record label. Hear more of Alastair's work here.

Nico Clarke

Despite being only 16 years old, Nico has already been DJing for four years and is a big fan of EDM. Find out more about him here.


Osh-Kosh is an experienced DJ who has been mixing and producing for a decade and has toured Europe showcasing his mixes. Listen to more from him here,

Benjamin Taylor


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