Meet & Jam Guitarists - Six more of the Best

Posted 28 June 2015 in Musicians (comments)

If you're looking for a guitarist to play with here on Meet & Jam, you're spoilt for choice. We found this out when trying to compile our first collection of guitarists for our Six of the Best series (catch up on Part 1 here).

So it's no surprise that we've had no trouble putting together an equally strong group of guitarists that are seriously talented and available to jam. Prepare to be blown away...

Ash Hughes

Ash is a Brighton-based guitarist who has toured extensively over the past five years and is open to any potential projects that come his way. Here he is accompanying vocalist Kate Wild. Check out his page here.

Anna Hart

Anna, also from Brighton, is a 23 year old rock guitarist who is open to playing more styles. Listen to more of Anna's work here.

Will Earl

Will is a keen guitarist and songwriter who is always on the lookout for new band members - particularly singers - to work with. Get in touch with him on his page here.


Filippo - just Filippo, like Prince or Madonna - is an impressive blues guitarist who loves to jam and has collaborated with a number of bands and vocalists. Check out more of his work here.

Joakim Vikanes

Joakim is a 20 year old musician who is studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. He can sing too, as this video shows. Visit Joakim's profile here.

Luke Gaul

Luke is a talented guitarist from Newcastle who has played both lead electric guitar and accompanying acoustic guitar. Hear more from Luke at his page here.

Benjamin Taylor


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