Meet & Jam Drummers - Six more of the Best

Posted 22 June 2015 in Musicians (comments)

Continuing our Six of the Best series, we revisit the plethora of amazing drummers that Meet & Jam has on offer. If Part 1 passed you by, you can catch up here.

Even after picking out the latest six fantastic drummers that are available to jam, we have barely scratched the surface of the many musicians we have here at Meet & Jam. We'll be back with more very soon, but until then, prepare to be dazzled by this lot...

Francesco Azzariti

Francesco is an Italian drummer with a range of musical tastes and an energetic style. Check out his profile here.

Craig Sellar

Craig is a funk/soul drummer from West London who has been playing the drums for seven years and is looking for a new project. Get in touch with Craig here.

Tom Gordon

Tom is a drummer with rock band Atlantis who is keen to get involved in more bands. Listen to some of his work here.

Craig Steen

A London-based drummer who is also already in a band, Tongues, but Craig's available to play and record with nonetheless. Visit his page here.

Colin Marshall

Colin is an adaptable drummer, originally from Canada, who has gained plenty of experience touring the world with acts like Sam Smith. Hear more from Colin here.

Paul de Gallier

Paul is a vastly experienced drummer and percussionist. Though trained in Jazz, he is capable of playing a wide range of styles and genres. Check out Paul's page here.

Benjamin Taylor


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