M&J Singer/Songwriters - Six of the Best

Posted 9 June 2015 in Musicians (comments)

There's a reason singer/songwriters earn a particularly high level of respect in the world of music. Excelling as either a singer or a songwriter is tough enough as it is. But juggling both is a truly impressive feat. 

There's an abundance of terrific singer/songwriters here on Meet & Jam, and we could make dozens of these lists. But to give you a taster of the talent on the site, here are six great singer/songwriters who are active on Meet & Jam. We'll be back with more...

Gloria Adereti

Gloria puts an electronic twist on soul and funk music and actually discovered her entire live band, Gloria -is-Collisus, at a Meet & Jam Night. Check out her page here.


Cerian is a classically trained singer/songwriter with a simply beautiful voice. She has worked with the likes of Sam Smith and Laura Mvula too. Hear more at her page here.

Samantha Preis

Samantha is a talented performer originally from Connecticut who has studied music extensively and possesses a lovely soulful tone to her voice. Get in touch with her here.

Connor Roff

Connor has a sweet pop-rock sound that draws influence from older artists like Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac as well as modern acts like James Bay. Now looking for a bass player. Listen to more of Connor's work here.

Mike Nisbet

Mike is a country and folk musician originally from Scotland who is currently looking for a rhythm section to accompany his impressive singing and guitar playing. Take a look at his Meet & Jam profile here.


Ndeyemelissa is an accomplished singer who blends elements of hip hop, soul and R&B to create her very own style. Find out more about her here.

Benjamin Taylor


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