Meet & Jam Drummers – Six of the Best

Posted 14 May 2015 in Musicians (comments)

Every band and every jam needs a drummer, right? They’re the guys who keep the rhythm moving and the engine ticking. Well, there are hundreds of great drummers on Meet & Jam, so we’ve had a look around, taken their pulse, and come up with this selection of beatmeisters. We’ll be back with more soon enough, but until we do, tap along to this lot.

Jonty Finn

Jonty's behind the drum kit in the band Suffice. Lucky them. Check his full profile here.

Carlo Morelli

Incredibly talented, he bangs out most styles - and he's also a teacher. See more of Carlo here.

Jack Summerfield

He's been wowing the crowds at our Jam Nights. Here's why - and check out his profile


Paulina was born in Poland, then moved to London. Her style is the definition of eclectic. Here's her profile.  

Jake Bradford-Sharp

Jake's been playing since he was nine. It shows. Read more on his profile.

Dario de Rosa 

Here's Dario rattling out the funk at a gig in Genova. And here's his profile

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