Meet & Jam Vocalists – Six of the Best

Posted 13 May 2015 in Musicians (comments)

There are loads of incredible vocalists on Meet & Jam, so it’d be silly for us to say that these six are ‘the best’. Let’s just say that they’re damned good – and Part Two will be along very soon. So many to choose from, so little time… Have a listen. Get in touch. Tell them you care…

Lisa Eaton

She's from the Isle of Wight! She sings like a lark! Go straight to Lisa's Profile 


You may have caught NK on The Voice. We know him from our Jam Nights. Go straight to his Profile 

Alexa Dark

An Indie/Rock singer-songwriter from New York, now in London. Go straight to Alexa's Profile 

Viv May

"I was going to do what I was told... then I changed my mind", says Viv... Go straight to her Profile  

Anthony Thomaz

The unstoppable, rapid-fire vocalist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana - now living in Glasgow. Go straight to Anthony's Profile 

Tommy Coyle 

Tommy's an singer-songwriter from York, now based in London. Go straight to his Profile 

Alex Fiennes


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