The 5 Types of Musician We All Love to Hate

Posted 20 January 2016 in Musicians (comments)

If you've been a musician for long enough you'll know that, while most musicians are amazing people, some can be completely insufferable! For every professional, hard-working bass guitarist, there's a drummer who thinks he's the second coming of Keith Moon and doesn't understand why he's not allowed to play louder. And if you haven't been a musician for very long, then we're here to warn you about the types of musicians to avoid - and how to avoid becoming one yourself!

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Six of the Best - Other Instruments

Posted 27 November 2015 in Musicians (comments)

It's a piece of cake finding guitarists, singers, drummers, bassists, keyboardists and more on Meet & Jam. As we've highlighted in our other 'Six of the Best' posts, there's an abundance of quality musicians for the majority of the major instruments people tend to look for when forming a band. But what about the slightly obscurer instruments? What if you're looking for that niche instrument that will make your band stand out?

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M&J Producers and DJs - Six of the Best

Posted 16 June 2015 in Musicians (comments)

We've been busy gushing over the many guitarists, drummers, bassists and vocalists on Meet & Jam for the past few days and weeks. But what about the equally talented folk who handle the more technical side of the music-making world?

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Meet & Jam Bassists - Six of the Best

Posted 1 June 2015 in Musicians (comments)

There are as many different kinds of bass player on Meet & Jam as there are out there in the real world. In popular cliché, the bassist is the strong, silent type. Just think of good ol' Bill Wyman, who propped up the rhythm section of the Rolling Stones for three decades, happy to stand unobtrusively at the side of the stage, thrumming his bass while Mick and Keef strutted and pouted in front of him.  Then there was Motown icon James Jamerson, responsible for (among much else), the shuddering bass lines on 'Heard it through the Grapevine' and 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'. Or Tina Weymouth, stuck at the side while David Byrne showboated through the Talking Heads' sets. 

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Meet & Jam Guitarists – Six of the Best

Posted 20 May 2015 in Musicians (comments)

There are 1000s of guitarists on Meet & Jam of every style and genre. We’re certainly not going to risk choosing a top six, or anything crazy like that. But what we have done is spend a happy slice of downtime checking out a load of their videos, and come up with this glittering handful. We’ll be back with more suggestions very soon...

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Meet & Jam Drummers – Six of the Best

Posted 14 May 2015 in Musicians (comments)

Every band and every jam needs a drummer, right? They’re the guys who keep the rhythm moving and the engine ticking. Well, there are hundreds of great drummers on Meet & Jam, so we’ve had a look around, taken their pulse, and come up with this selection of beatmeisters. We’ll be back with more soon enough, but until we do, tap along to this lot.

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